Become a Royal College of Psychiatrists accredited i-act instructor

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Scheduled online i-act instructor training

(train the trainer)  

Deliver this accredited mental health training online

Online i-act instructor training 

Train online to deliver both online accredited i-accourses:

Understanding and Promoting Positive Mental Health and WELLbeing and Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and WELLbeing. This course is delivered online and qualifies you to deliver The Royal College of Psychiatrists accredited i-act training online.

After the first two days, you will also need to complete three further half-day online sessions (taking place the week after), the dates and times of which are arranged prior to the first two days of the online i-act instructor training. You should also set aside some time for some self-directed learning and some time to look after your own wellbeing. Contact us to request an application pack. 

Instructor training dates:

Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th of November 2021 (plus 3.5 days the week after and private study days) - places available

 Looking for something new - Go freelance as an accredited  i-act instructor and deliver The Royal College of Psychiatrist accredited
i-act training anywhere across the UK and internationally.


  • Become a Royal College of Psychiatrists accredited i-act instructor and join our growing international network of i-acinstructors

  • Accredited i-act instructors may deliver i-act training anywhere in the UK and international without incurring additional licence or training fees

  • Supply you’re i-act course participants with a hard-copy of the 156/168-paged evidence-based i-act course, manual, toolkit and resource pack - delivered direct to your training venue (with feedback forms, pens, certificates etc).

  • Fully flexible delivery - i-act may be delivered over half a day, a full day, over two days, or as ‘bite-sized’ sessions

  • Personalise the free i-act marketing materials and use our accreditation badges and resources to help promote your i-act courses

  • Provide all you’re i-act course participants with full access to the i-act online resources

  • Advertise your courses on the i-act website (i-act frequently hits the top of a google search for ‘mental health training’).

  • Receive on-going and peer support from i-act, and full access to the online i-act instructor resources

Go on to train other colleagues within your workplace – this proves cost-effective. Deliver fully accredited i-act

(for positive mental health and wellbeing) training with CPD points

Becoming an accredited i-act instructor

The application, assessment and accreditation process



Request and application pack from the i-act website (

Complete the application form and return to i-act . 



Your application is assessed by i-act  and, if approved, you will be invited to join one of our i-act  instructor training cohorts.

The accredited i-act instructor training is a four-day process ( depending upon which version of i-act  you wish to train in).



Participants return the first part of their assessment portfolio to i-act and request conditional approval.

Participants are conditionally approved to deliver two i-act courses. Their delivery and participant feedback is assessed by i-act as part of their assessment portfolio.

Participants are approved, accredited, licenced and registered as accredited i-act instructors and are able to deliver the accredited i-act training throughout the UK.

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i-act is accredited by The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Download the information leaflets (below) to find out more about our accredited i-act courses