Managing and Promoting Positive Mental

Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

i-act - The Essential Course for ALL Managers 

i-act is accredited by The Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • The i-act course for managers is aimed at supporting managers to improve workplace wellbeing and support employees who may experience a mental health or wellbeing issue in the workplace.


  • The i-act course comes with a 168-page evidence-based course manual, toolkit and resource pack (pictured left) for each manager.

  • The i-act manual includes over 50 tools to support managers and over 95 agencies/organisations to refer on to. The evidence-based i-act course and manual cites over 225 pieces of reputable references, researched by leading academics in the field working at Doctorate level.

  • The i-act course highlights what managers need to know regarding managing mental health in the workplace (for example regarding legislation and The Health and Safety Executive).

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Course objectives: the i-act course for managers aims to:

  • give managers a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing issues and recognise when colleagues may need  further help and support

  • provide practical tools for promoting positive wellbeing in the workplace to help build resilience for ourselves as managers and for colleagues

  • offer guidance and advice for how managers may connect with colleagues who may be experiencing a mental health or wellbeing issue

  • equip managers with practical tools, a resource pack and signposting to further help and support concerning mental health and wellbeing issues.

“The i-act training has given me a clear understanding regarding the legislation concerning mental health issues within the workplace. I now feel much more confident when supporting employees who may be experiencing a mental health or wellbeing issue at work. The manual is exactly what every manager needs.”


                                     Josh Colby, Area Manager

Registered i-act for positive mental health and WELLbeing managers

Upon successful completion of the i-act training for managers you will receive:

  • certification as an approved i-act manager*

  • a copy of the 168-page evidence-based i-act managers course manual, toolkit and resource pack

  • free membership, as an i-act manager, to the UK-wide Wellbeing Community

  • free access to the online i-act managers resources

  • accreditation by The Royal College of Psychiatrists

*i-act registration is valid for 3 years. 


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