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Cardiff University is the latest University to train managers in i-act

Congratulations to managers at Cardiff University who completed their i-act training today and became registered i-act (for positive mental health & wellbeing) managers; received the 168-page i-act manual, toolkit & resource pack & gained access to the online i-act resources. It’s great to see yet another Univeristy engaging with the i-act model and benifit from the practical tools and workplace initiatives. We are looking forward to training two Cardiff University staff next week, as i-act instructors, so that they can then go on to train other staff within the University. i-act (and three of our i-act instructors) are looking forward to speaking at The Welsh Universities IT and Libary Staff conference in July and will look forward to catching up with those Welsh Universities who have already engaged with the i-act model and will look forward to engaging with other Universities who are interested in finding out more - see you there


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