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February sees over 350 people trained in i-act

Thanks to all of our accredited i-act instructors (both our freelancers and in-house instructors) on working hard over February to collectively train-up over 350 people as i-act (fo positive mental health and wellbeing) managers and practitioners. The feedback we have received has been fantastic, with individuals and organisations reporting on the positive impact that i-act has had, not only supporting colleagues who may be in distress but also in being proactive using the i-act tools to help create and sustain healthy working environments. It’s great that i-act enables people and organisations to be proactive BEFORE someone becomes unwell with a mental health or wellbeing issue, rather than only ’firefighting’.

March is set to be just as busy for our i-act instructors who have already delivered 8 i-act courses within the first week of March! Thank you all for all of your dedication and commitment in acting for positive mental health and wellbeing.

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