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i-act adopted by schools

With so many mental health issues onsetting in early life, it is so imortant that we address children's and young peoples mental health and wellbeing within schools. We need to be far more proactive in giving children and young people esential coping skills and proactive tools in early life. We also need to arm teachers and those who work within schools with practical tools to not only support students but also to be proctive regarding thier own mental health and wellbeing. Teachers do a fantastic job and are often under a lot of pressure. This is why its great to see forward thinking High Schools, such as Putney High School, adopting proactive measures regarding the mental health and wellbeing of staff and students by adopting the accredited i-act (for positive mental health & wellbeing) training. Congratulations to all at Putney High School on completing your accredited i-act training this week and to your i-act instructor Victoria Brookbank. We hope you find the 168-page i-act course manual, toolkit and resource pack to be of benefit as well as your access to all of the online i-act resources.

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