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More i-act instructors trained

We have had a great week this week training a new cohort of i-act (for positive mental health and wellbing) instructors. These newly qualified instructors will now go on to deliver the accredited i-act training across the UK and internationally. It was great to have some freelance instructors on this cohort who will assist with the growing demand for this training and it was also great to have instructors from Cardiff University, Welsh Water and the global engineering company Edwards Vacuum, who will go on to deliver the training within their own organisations. We have had an amazing week with an amazing group of individuals who have a wide range of expertise, skills and knowledge. Congratualtion all, we look forward to supporting you on your journeys as i-act instructors and applaud the amazing work you do in making a real difference to workplace mental health and wellbeing and to people’s lives.

Interested in becoming an instructor and joining our team? Unfortunately, we no longer have places available on our February 2020 cohort, however we do still have some availability on our March 2020 cohort in Central London.

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