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Online i-act instructor training

Today was day 2 of our online i-act (for positive mental health and wellbeing) instructor training and what a great group of instructors we had! It’s fantastic that some of these instructors will be delivering training within their own organisations, such as Cardiff University and Edwards Vacuum and some will be working as freelancers, helping us to meet the growing demand for this accredited online training. it’s also fantastic to have i-act instructors from different parts of the UK and the world. This helps our global clients deliver the same course to all of their staff, not only across different parts of the UK but also worldwide. We are delighted to welcome Stoffel from South Africa onto this cohort as he will be rolling out the i-act training across South Africa which is fantastic. It’s been a great two days so far and we are really looking forward to the remainder of this cohort of i-act instructor training. Thank you all so much for your dedication and contributions 😀

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