Please note this event is in the past. Purchasing this pass permits you to exhibit from the i-act exhibition stand on the day and date you specify below. Please clearly state which exhibition you wish to exhibit at, the location and the date. If you wish to exhibit for more than one day, you will need to purchase multiple tickets. Events that i-act are exhibiting at can been viewed on our website under the 'events' tab. This ticket will not grant you entrance to the exhibition hall, you will need to register for a pass (and pay any entrance fees) directly with the exhibition organiser. In purchasing this pass, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. Cost -  £99 (plis VAT).

Mad World 2019 Exhibit from the i-act stand for one day

  • Terms and Conditions

    • You are only permitted to promote i-act courses from the i-act stand. You are not permitted to promote any other products, services or training courses.
    • Any leads that you generate from the stand are your own leads to follow up. i-act does not take any commission on any of your leads from the exhibitions.
    • You may hire a hand-held scanner from the event organisers to scan the badges of the people you who speak to at the show (this makes collecting their data much easier). These scanners are hired directly from the event organisers and usually cost anywhere from about £150 - £300 - the scanners can only be purchased by exhibitors and so we would need to purchase this on your behalf. i-act will be hiring a scanner for the i-act stand and you may use our scanner for free. You are required to scan all the badges of all delegates you engage with, so that i-act can send them a follow up email after the show. You are required to keep a list of your own leads and submit this to i-act so that we can pass your leads onto you should they contact i-act directly after the show. i-act will provide you with the contact details of the participants badges that you scan after the show (providing you have supplies us with a list of the names of the people you have scanned) and you may contact them/follow us after the show.
    • The cost of £149 permits you to exhibit from the stand for one day only. If you wish to exhibit on multiple days you will need to purchase additional days.
    • You may only use the standard i-act marketing materials, however, you may have these personalised. Any personalised marketing materials must not be physically placed on the i-act stand, however, you may hand them out. Any marketing materials you intend to use/handout must be approved by i-act. Therefore please ensure approval before you arrange a print run.
    • There is no storage space on the i-act stand. Therefore please arrange for any storage of bags, coats, suitcases etc away from the i-act stand. It is your responsibility to check the cloakroom facilities with the exhibition organisers.
    • i-act is not responsible for any registration or entry costs to the venue/exhibition hall. Your payment of £149 only permits you to exhibit from the i-act stand once you have gained entry into the exhibition hall, it does not gain you entry to the venue, you will need to register with the exhibition organiser to ensure you can gain entry to the exhibition hall.
    • Availability to exhibit from the i-act stand is very limited and issued on a first-come/first-served basis. Your payment is non-refundable.
    • When required, i-act instructor t-shirts will be supplied (free of charge and yours to keep after the show) and must be worn by i-act instructors exhibiting form the stand.

    i-act instructors agree to partake in friendly and unaggressive marketing from the i-act stand. i-act reserves the right to remove anyone from the stand who is displaying unprofessional or inappropriate behaviour.